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One of the nicest ways to remind someone of their memories is to find personalized gifts. Although you may be able to find some of these items already personalized with something to do with retiring, if you want to personalize it to the person who is receiving it, a gift like this will take a little more time and energy to get together. So if you are looking for a present last minute, I would suggest you to check out our other gift pages for quicker solutions.



If you do have the time though, a gift like this is a very nice option. We have complied some ideas below to hopefully give you some ideas or at the very least get your creativity flowing so you are able to come up with something very nice.

Personalized World Map - If traveling his an interest, this map can be a constant remind of what his or her retirement will be like.

Leather Passport Case - this can be nicely personalized with their initials on it and if you really want to you could write on the back of it ‘Bon Voyage’ or ‘Have A Great Trip’, or even something like, ‘Enjoying My Retirement!’

Watch or Desk Clock - There are many ways to personalize these. A watch has limited space so initials, retirement date, etc. But a desk clock could have engraved a poem or retirement wishes, etc.

Plaque or Paper Weight - This plaque could have a retirement poem or quote. Could have their name engraved and the date of their retirement.

Luggage Tags - Personalize the their luggage tags with their initials or first or last name so they will always know which bags are theirs.

Jigsaw Puzzle - Have a work picture or a picture from the newspaper with the retiree’s announcement of retirement made into a puzzle. Very unique idea and if they love doing puzzles an added bonus.

Leather Album or Picture Frame - They can display a picture from their retirement or have somewhere to put pictures from their retirement trips.

Travelers Journal - Engrave his or her initials onto the front and a message of encouragement on the inside cover.

Platter - For that person that loves to cook, by not purchase a signature platter and have everyone at the retirement party write their retirement wishes.

Framed Picture - The picture could symbolize the retiree’s interest, fishing, golf, travel. Personalize with with a quote or poems about retirement or starting a new phase in ones life.

Beer Mug or Wine Glass - Personalize this with their name and retirement date, and at their party, give it to them with a drink to toast to their new adventure.


Personally, I feel receiving something like the options above is something that I will be able to treasure during my retirement. Although not everything above is as useful as some other gifts, they are still a very nice thought.



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