There are some wonderful books out there written for people who are planning their retirement or are about to start it.  Once all the congratulations have been received, its now time for you to starting living them.  The question may be, where to start.  What to do and do I have enough money to last me through my retirement? 




You may find it helpful to go to your local book store and pick up a book or two about retiring.  You may find that the what you need to know about retirement books are exactly what you are looking for to help you plan for your retirement.  They can give you tips and suggestions on making sure that you are financially secure by recommended ways to save your money.

If you are already retired you may be looking for ideas of how to spend your retirement.  You may also find a book on that at your local book store.  It may not be in the retirement section of your book store but in other parts of the store.  Look in the hobbies section if you want to start or learn a new hobby. 


There are many books about gardening, train collection, learning a new skill or language.  When you arrive you may have no idea what you want to do.  But browsing this section may help you find the perfect hobby that will be fun and entertaining and also keep you busy.

Take a trip to the travel section if you have an interest in traveling during your retirement.  If you are financial secure to be lucky enough to take some trips, this will be the place to go to find a book on a certain place.  If you don’t know where you want to go, why not browse this section of the book store and spend some time reading up on different places to go. 


You may even find some magazines on traveling with reviews and articles of people who have traveled to certain spots around the world.  Their insights may help you to make your decision of where you’d like to visit.

If all else fails, at least taking a afternoon to go to the book store and look though some of their hundreds of books about retirement, hobbies and travel gave you something to do.  A book store or even a library can give some people many hours of joy. 


If you like to read or learn new things, a library or book store is the place to be.  So add that into your retirement schedule, which I hope is very limited.  You are retired after all!!


We hope we have given you some insight on what type of books to look for at a library or books store to help you plan for this new change in your life, learn new hobbies to keep you busy and maybe make a dream of traveling a reality.  Do all the things you never got the change to do when you were in the working world.  This is your time to truly be you.



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