Dinner Invitations


Your planning a retirement party and next on your list is dinner invitations. Once you have your guest list, invites become priority when planning a party. What's a party without guests!!



You will have two choices here, either make them yourself or have someone else make them for you. If you donít plan of mailing invitations or handing them out, then you may want to think about emailing invitations instead. This will save a lot of time and money for you.

However you decide to get your invites to the guests you will need to make sure the proper information is on them. You will need the name of the retiree, the date, time and place of the party, as well as who to RSVP to. RSVPing will be important to you as you will want to know how many people will be coming so you can make sure there will be enough food. It will also help you to avoid having too much food that will go to waste.

On your invites you may want to add a little something to the information to dress it up a little. Something that will start off the invitation and something that will end the invitation. Here is an example of an invite that will explain what we mean:

Come Join Us In Celebrating
John Doeís

Date: December 1st, 2011
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Place: Regency Hall
123 Place Street

Please RSVP to: Jane Doe

Goodbye tension, hello pension!
Author Unknown

So as you can see, I started with a statement inviting guests to come and celebrate with us and after I put all the pertinent information I then ended with a quote. You can do the same or you can use a poem or saying or write something yourself. If you wanted you could also use quotes at the beginning if you found something that would relate to celebrating or congratulating and sending wishes of congrats.

You will want to decorate this invite with colour, drawings, or maybe even a picture of the retiree. This can be one with printed invites or email invites. Its all in the software you are using. Put the picture of the retiree at the very top with the writing below or vice versa, at the bottom of all the information. With the quote I used in the example, the picture of the retiree would be best at the bottom as it says ĎIím Retiringí, it will make is sound as if heís saying it.


We hope we have provided you with all the information to making retirement invites. Feel free to use our example and make it your own by changing the information if you fine that to be an easier solution. Good luck with your party planning and remember to have a good time.



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