Finding the appropriate gifts can be tricky sometimes. Especially if you arenít that close to the retiree. But of course you want to send your wishes regardless of how close your relationship is. This is an exciting time for them and you yourself canít wait until its your turn to retire.



But what type of gift do you get. If you know the person more personally you may decide not to go with the normal retirement gifts of a watch - which is pretty redundant. Isnít retirement a time when you stop looking at the clock or worrying that youíre late for something!!! This is the time for relaxation and no schedules! No limitations and no one to tell you when or what to do! So, if you want to think out of the box, get them something that they will use or enjoy during their retirement.

We thought that maybe we could help you make a decision of what to give by putting together some suggestions. Of course we know how different men and women are, so weíve separated them into two different pages to help narrow down the choices. And then for those traditional gifts, like the watch, which I guess you could write that they are receiving the watch, personalized with the date of their retirement so they never have to look at it again!! Just kidding! Many people receive watches on their retirement and its a mementos occasion for them.

Gifts for Men - Need a masculine gift for a male retiree? Something that they will enjoy receiving? We hope to have your answer here.

Gifts for Women - It is usually easier to pick out gifts for women, but sometimes we just need a little assistance. Find your help here.

Retirement Gifts - If you want to give the retiree something to remember their retirement by, personalizing a gift is probably the best way to go. We have compiled some ideas for you here.

We can only hope that you will leave this page with something wonderful in mind to get for the newly retiring person. Keep in mind there are many creative gifts that you can make on your own if you are looking for something more personal and less expensive. For example, get a nice picture of the retiree or of the retiree and the staff he or she commonly worked with and frame it using a signature matt. At the retirement party, have those staff members or everyone who attends write their congratulations on the matt around the picture. What a nice remembrance gift to give them to remind them of their working days and their party. And best of all, the cost factor is quite low but the appreciation will be high!

Remember, just because you are searching for a gift for a woman does not mean an item on the page for men wonít have anything a woman would like. Take a look at all three pages before making your decision. You may find that an item on the men's page might just be perfect for the woman who is retiring in your life.


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