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You’ve come here looking for gifts for men. And you’ve come to the write place to get some ideas and suggestions on the nicest and most enjoyable gifts for someone who is retiring.



We have listed some presents that would be geared more towards men on their retirement but keep in mind you may find one or two of these items would be good for a female retiree as well. We’ve tried to choose items that would be useful and enjoyable to a retiree, but have also listed some items that are more commonly given to make sure you have all the options in front of you.

Watch - this is a more commonly given gift for someone retiring, its a great give you could have personalized but not a very useful gift if your wishes are to sit back and relax!

Gift Basket - this is a great idea if you have some knowledge of his interests. For example, if he loves to golf, create a golf basket, if he loves coffee, create a coffee basket. Some other examples are fisherman's basket, game basket (for when he’s bored), travel basket (items every traveller needs, if you know where he wants to go you could add maps and books of places to see and stay.

Leather Passport Case - this is a nice way to say bon voyage and will keep their passport nice and safe.

Cigars - If he likes smoking cigars, why not celebrate with him by lighting up a celebratory cigar?

Massage Seat - This is a massage pad that sits over another seat that gives massages and/or applies heat to back, neck and sometimes legs. Wonderful gift for someone who loves massage.

Carry on luggage - for the traveling retiree, a great way to help them get on the road of retirement.

Coffee Mug - Get a mug that says something about retiring or the new road they are on.

Gag Gifts - Okay, this can mean many different things. Here are some examples but note that they all have some funny phrase about retirement: doormat, magnet, t-shirt, savings bank, plaque, clock, mug, etc.



We hope these suggestions will be of some use to you. There are so many great gifts out there to celebrate someone retiring. Take a look at our other gift pages, even the women's page for more ideas. You may find something for him there as we have done our best to separate present ideas but know that some gifts are easily transferable from one sex to another.



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