Gifts For Women


Sometimes deciding on gifts for women can be a little harder than we initially anticipated. But no fear, we have come up with some suggestions and ideas for you to hopefully help make that decision a little easier.



We have complied some present ideas that we feel would be a great gift for a woman who is about to retire. Some of these gifts will need a little bit of added creativity on your part to make them come to life. But in the end, they will be a wonderful gift for any retiring woman.

Fruit or Wine of the Month Club - This will definitely depend on the retireeís interests and if they do not plan on doing a lot of traveling. But this is a very nice present idea.

Money Tree - is a symbol of good fortune. What a way to wish him good luck in his new life.

Gift Basket - You can create a basket that is full of items of interest for the retiree or put together something more mainstream like a fruit basket, wine basket or even a gardening basket that is full of plants and flowers.

Gift Certificate - Great idea for someone in need of some spoiling! Some ideas of what type of certificate to give, massage, hair styling, spa, night on the town, or even to a boutique you know they love but would never buy from because they never had the money.

Retirement Figurine - This is a cute idea for someone who collects figurines of their life accomplishments.

Journal - If they love to write, then this is a great gift. You could even personalize it or just write an inscription on the inside cover of the book.

Jewellery - A necklace or a bracelet to signify their freedom of work. Find a pendant that symbolizes freedom like a butterfly or a dove.

Frame or an Album - to give them something to put her memories of work or her party. She may also find that the album may be great if she decides to travel.


We hope you have found at least one of these gift ideas to be a nice addition to your wishes. Donít forget to take a look at our other gift idea pages for more options. Even the men's page you may find something to your retiring lady. Many of the items listed above could be used for a man, so you may find something on the menís page that may be a better fit. Good luck!


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