Party Favors


When planning a retirement dinner you may consider having party favors. These favors are a small gift to the guests to thank them for attending this party. This is not a necessary requirement but a nice added bonus. Of course people will not be attending the party hoping for a gift, but when they arrive to find a small something special for them, it will just give a little something extra to your party.



But what would you choose for your favor? Because a retirement party is not the same as a wedding where people receive wedding favors or a birthday party where children will receive a gift bag, finding the perfect favor may be hard as it is not as commonly seen. We’ve come up with a few ideas for you to hopefully help bring your search to an end.

There’s a few ways to go about this. The reason for leaving a favor for guests is to give them something to remember the retiree by. So you may want to start by finding out a little bit about the retiree’s interests or what they plan to do during retirement.

Here are some suggestions of what type of favor to get depending on their interests:

If they love golf, why not have golf balls made with the retiree’s name on it or a short golf saying that the retiree always loved to say.

If they love to read, create bookmarks with a picture of the retiree, their name and their favourite quote.

If they plan to travel, give everyone a gift world globe with the retiree’s name and a saying like, ‘Traveling around the world’ written on it.

If they were always a big candy or chocolate eater at work, give a box of chocolates or the retiree’s favourite candy.

If they love to garden, give a small potted flower or a package of seeds.

No matter what you give, remember to attach something to the item thanking the guests for coming and saying that the retiree loved working with them or appreciates everything they did for him/her.

If you want something more generic, you could always purchase small individual bottles of champagne or liquor in pre-made shot glasses with a little note on them thanking guests for coming and this is to toast to the retiree. Or you could go with cigars too, that is if everyone there smokes. These are all ways to share in a cheer to the retiree.


Giving a favor at a party isn’t something that has to be done, but it is a nice surprise for the guest and a good way for the retiree to send their thanks. So even if you are planning the party for them, you could always get their input when it comes to choosing the favors and what to say as they will be receiving a lot of congratulations and will want to send their thanks.



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