Retirement Wishes  




Finding the right sayings can be tough sometimes.  Especially when we want them to be unique and insightful.  We want to send our messages of congrats to the retiree but we also want to inspire them to get out there and enjoy life.  So what are the best sayings? 


Well, because you know the person better than I can, your own written sayings is probably the best bet.  But we know how hard it sometimes is to think of the right thing to say.  You don’t want to sound just like everyone else but still want to make sure the retiree knows how happy you are for them. 


We’ve come up with some helpful tips on when and how to send those message of congratulations and questions that you can ask yourself to write your own phrase for the retired individual.


First things first, answer a few of these questions to help you put together a saying that is personal and unique to the retiring individual.


What is the retiree's name?


How happy are you for the retiree?


What are you hoping retirement is going to be like for the retiree?


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