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"A huge congrats on making it this far! Now its time for you to sit back and enjoy life from a different perspective!"

"I've got to say from experience, retirement is great! And I know you will love every minute of it. Happy Retirement!"

"For years you have not stopped, working to put food on the table, taking care of your children, you are retiring. Its time to allow others to pick up the slack so you can make the most out of your retirement."

"Its time to retreat from working life and find that one thing you love. Congratulations on your retirement. Enjoy every moment of it!"

"Retirement is the one thing we couldn't wait to reach. The one good thing about getting older. Now that your here you must be very excited about starting this new chapter in your life. Many blessings for the years to come."

"Best wishes for your retirement. May these days be in comparison to the best days of your life."

"You've tried this before and it never stuck, make sure this retirement is the retirement that ends all ties to the working world and bounds new ties to all things fun."

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