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Here is my answers to the questions for my retiring friend, which I then put together in a very short paragraph (only 2 to 3 sentences long) to make my unique retirement saying.


Joe, I am so happy that you are finally getting to live the life of retirement.  You now get to travel the world like you always dreamed of.  I hope you find retirement to be the best time of your life.  Congratulations and have a great time!


Of course you will need to end your saying with something like, congratulations, congrats, bon voyage, etc.  But however you end it, make sure itís on a happy note.  If you are a co-worker, you may also want to put a line in there saying how much you are going to miss him/her.  People always like to hear they are loved and missed! 




A message like this one is best when written out for the retiree to read.  Maybe write it in a card or letter or be a little more creative.  This message I wrote in the inner front cover of a travel book I bought for my friend as a gift.  It worked out great, as he found it when he was reading it in the air flying towards Greece!


We hope we have been of some assistance in helping you create a unique and personalized saying for your friend or family member.  Such an exciting time for the retiree!  We can only hope their retirement is as wonderful as they had always imagined!!

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