Sayings Of Congratulations


Retirement is a time for sayings of congratulations! And everyone who is retiring will receive them in some way or another. But you may be asking yourself what some unique ideas to send your congrats are.




Well we are here to help with this dilemma. We know how much people wish to show their individuality and not be like everyone else. Why is it any different with sending best wishes? So here are some options for you to review:

Send a gift basket. This can be a very nice way to say felicitation! You can customize it to the retiree’s favourite things or interests. Some examples are, coffee, teas, candy or chocolate golf, gardening, etc.

Send a card with lottery tickets in it. Your message can be something to the terms of “Hope this helps make your retirement wishes come true!". There are so many different scratch and win tickets out there you can find one that peaks the retiree’s interest so that even if they don’t win, they still had some fun playing the game!

Sending flowers are always a nice gesture. But having a bouquet made with only the retiree’s favourite flowers is something not every thinks of. Always make sure when buying a gift to get something that is about them, not you!

Instead of getting them a gift, one can take him or her out for lunch or dinner on you. It can just be the two of you or you can make it a gathering of friends and co-workers.

Plan a retirement party for this retirement individual. Pick a theme that is all about the retiree so that you know they will have a great time at their party. This can be a very nice way to get everyone that also wants to send their congrats can do so at the same time. This can be the retiree’s one last farewell before stepping into their new role as a retired person.

If you have a bunch of people getting together to buy one big retirement gift, by not choose to send the retiree on a trip. It can be somewhere big like Europe, Greece or even the Caribbean or somewhere less expensive and far away as a nearby spa or resort for them to relax and enjoy their first few days into retirement.

Whatever you choose to do to send your congratulations, keep in mind, even just sending words is a very nice gesture. People retiring are just as happy to receive happy thoughts of their changing situation. Some just need to be reassured that everything is going to be great! Either way, make sure you congratulate someone retiring, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness!


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