Retirement Wishes  

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Take this new turn in the road with heart!  Take every possible moment and treasure it.

May you realize that this will be the experience of a lifetime if you live it to the fullest and enjoy each day.


Good Luck, have a blast and donít do anything I wouldnít do.


Take this time to do the things you never had time to do before!


Enjoy every moment and live it to the fullest.




This is your time to shine!  No more routine, no more work, no more annoying people!  Its your time to do only what you want to do!


You like golf?  Now you have morning, afternoon and evening to golf as much as you can.


Take the road you havenít taken before.  And donít look back.


If you do not find what you are looking for here or donít find them unique enough, maybe you should write your own.  Read through the ones we have provided to get you thinking and help you feel inspired.  Then take what you like from a few different ones and create your own with maybe a few specific points about the retiree.






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